Dopamine Dressing for Fall

Isn’t it always exciting to sew for the upcoming season? Especially fall! I live in the south, where the weather is relatively mild during the colder months, but I still enjoy working with alllllll of the snuggly, warm fabrics.

I would describe my wardrobe as featuring cross-seasonal versatility, which is why I was so excited to see StyleMaker Fabric’s lineup of gorgeous fabrics for the fall. I always look for fabrics and patterns that I can layer with the previous season’s makes and I certainly found that at StyleMaker – in fact, I made this entire outfit!

I am also drawn to bright colors that keep the dopamine high during dreary months, which is why I (literally) squealed when I saw this bright green plaid wool. I paired it with a fun See You at Six rayon challis to make the Friday Pattern Company Heather Blazer. Even though the fun print is only visible when I take the jacket off, it makes me ridiculously happy to know there’s a party inside.

This oversized blazer is the ultimate in versatility. It can be worn with jeans as easily as it can pair with my summer dresses. The weight of this wool is perfect for staying warm without overheating. And the color… it is the happiest plaid I’ve ever seen, coordinating just as beautifully with neutrals as it does with this icy blue bodysuit.

I used a cotton modal spandex to make the Elysian Bodysuit, also from Friday Pattern Company. The modal blend makes this fabric a dream to sew up. It has great stretch and fantastic recovery and 100% opacity. I accidentally took a wider seam allowance than the pattern called for (a reminder not to sew when you’re tired!) and the fabric was very forgiving. I couldn’t be happier with the fit, fabric, and color.

Honestly, I need this fabric in every color. It’s that good.

For my pants, I used Stretch Micro Wale Corduroy in a beautiful olive for the Closet Core Ginger Jeans pattern. I attended the most recent “Sew Your Own Jeans” retreat, hosted by StyleMaker, and I was itching to make another pair of Ginger Jeans. This was the perfect excuse!

These may just be the most comfortable pants that I own. They are so soft! The corduroy has more stretch than what the pattern calls for, but I didn’t make any alterations. In retrospect, I should have taken in the seam allowance from mid-thigh to calf for a closer fit. 

Pro-tip: buy more yardage than you think you’ll need because the corduroy does shrink a lot. I lost 4” between the washer and dryer. I washed and dried again before hemming my pants to account for any additional shrinkage.

What I love most about this outfit is how easily each piece can be mixed-and-matched with so many other garments to create new looks. Each piece can be dressed up or styled casually. And each piece is intentionally made with the highest quality fabrics for maximum comfort and longevity. This is the start of a fantastic and totally unique fall wardrobe.

Sewing really is a super power. What magic are you making this fall?