Simplicity 1373

This is certainly one of those seasons that enjoys messin’ with our emotions, isn’t it?

Hot… cold… rain… more rain… frigid… then a sunburn the very next day!

Well, on the warm days, I have certainly enjoyed pulling out these hippy-dippy shorts. I actually made them last year and never got around to photographing them.

Simplicity 1373 is, unfortunately, now out of print. But if you have it in your stash, you’ll want to jump on it as soon as you can. It includes an adorable top, shorts, and pants options.

The shorts came together without a hitch. What I love best are the darts that help to elevate this simple design. And they work up very quickly! You can have these ready to go in an hour or two.

One word of caution: be sure you know how to tell the front from the back. Use a garment label or something. I don’t know why I find this so confusing. To make matters worse, I installed the zipper on the wrong side of one of the pairs. Gah!

Maybe it doesn’t matter if I wear them backwards? Hmmm…

This particular pair seems to fit a little more snuggly than I remember them… I’m going to blame that on all of the “muscle” that I’ve built from running over the winter.


Also, this particular woven fabric is not ideal for form-fitting garments. It has little memory so I’m expecting to see a little “droop” over time.

Or, maybe they’ll fit a little better. Ha-ha!