Summer Sew-A-Long • Made for Mermaids Lana Bra • Day 1

Hello, sewing friends! I’ll be sharing my process with you as I work through the Made for Mermaids Lana Bra for the Surge Fabric Shop Summer Sew-A-Long. I will be making the Lana bra out of galloon lace.

Depending on your fabric of choice, the pattern instructions vary a bit – so be aware of that as you’re reading through the steps.

Today, I’ll share a few details and tips regarding materials and techniques – with a healthy dose of reassurance along the way!

I started out with grander plans than I accomplished so if you hear me reference “2 bras,” just laugh. The second didn’t happen. Also, I keep referring to the bra “frame” as a “cage.” Who knows why? And why didn’t I pick up on that until after shooting my video?

Lets get the conversation started! Tell me about your bra making adventures.