Vogue 8882

I absolutely love vintage shapes in skirts. I especially love flirty, knee-length skirts.

That pretty much sums up Vogue 8882.

Kellie sent me this pattern last spring and, as perfect as it is, I’ve been reluctant to get going with it.

The main reason? It requires a whopping five yards of fabric! That’s a heckuva lot of fabric!

But, this past week, I decided to stop procrastinating and start making.

Originally, I thought that I’d use a beautiful embroidered border fabric. Clearly, that wouldn’t work here because this is essentially a circle skirt.

Instead, I decided upon some pretty pink-dotted swiss that I’ve had in my collection of fabric for about 8 years.

I actually had five yards of this on hand… I’m not really sure why… big sale, maybe?

Anywho… It was way too shear to use on its own so I did have to make a fabric purchase – four yards of lining fabric. The lining was the only alteration that I made to this pattern.

 So, now I have nine yards of fabric in this skirt. In this knee-length skirt.

That’s a heckuva lot of fabric!!

It still needs a bit more pressing, but all came together without a hitch…

…except the hem. It’s lined in crinoline (which is definitely not the same as tulle, as I’ve been informed). Have you ever lined the hem of a garment?

I’m not saying it was hard to assemble, but the blind hem was a bit tricky to put in. Especially considering the volume of this skirt.

A little bit of puckering here and there has me debating over tearing it out and starting over.

I’m wondering if this lined hem is even necessary with this shear-ish fabric. What do you think? My inexperience is showing…

Overall, this was a simple pattern. I would definitely make it again, but with a more substantial fabric. Something with more body. I was glad to use the dotted swiss for this and free up some space in my studio.

Next on my list is Simplicity 1877, Dress B.

Once the weather warms and I can get outside, I promise to model a few of these new frocks so you can see the fit and styling of each. With snow still falling, I’m completely unmotivated!