Polarwool = Poncho Perfection
Everyone loves to maximize the impact of a single yard of fabric… amiright??!!!

Fall sewing is in full swing and I started dreaming about ponchos at the first sign of falling leaves. I pinned this beauty for inspiration and started planning my next make.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the new Polartec Wool from Phee Fabrics. I’ve never sewn with any Polartec fabric so I was excited to try something different.

The design that I worked up for this poncho is something that anyone can make. It could not be simpler!

The first step is to square up the yard of fabric. The polarwool is ribbed on the wrong side so it was very easy to square up the edges.

Next, I created a 1″ decorative top edge and added hem tape to better reinforce the edge and prepare it for snap closures.

I knew that I wanted my poncho to hit just below my hips so I measured from shoulder to hip and decided on a length of 26″. I created a lower cuff detail by turning up the difference in length to achieve the desired length.

After securing with a twin needle finish, I hemmed the short ends of my yardage.

I then added snaps, starting 15″ from the edge of the poncho.

Here’s a video tutorial for how I added the snaps:

And here’s the finished result!
The Phee polarwool is so soft and warm… absolutely perfect for a poncho. What makes this garment even more fun was taking a performance fabric and turning it into something so chic! And it came together so quickly.
This would be a perfect make for Christmas gifts. One yard of fabric… one size fits most… classy and functional… perfection!!