My Makes from October

October was a busy month of making. I spent time on fairly in-depth projects – some that I’ve shared on the grid, some that I haven’t. I reflected a lot this month on how I’ve changed as a sewist after 30-some-odd years.

When I started making clothes, I did it in secret. I didn’t want people to know I was wearing anything “me-made,” although I’m sure the quality of my work gave it away!

I gravitated towards quick projects and cut corners out of laziness. I got mad a lot. Ha! My garments reflected that haste and unwillingness to invest myself.

While I certainly have my moments, I have become a much more patient sewist. I enjoy working through challenging techniques. I often opt for hand sewing my finishing touches (I write as I am currently hand sewing a waistband on a knit skirt). Sewing gives me more peace and satisfaction than ever before and I’m grateful for the endless opportunities to create.

This month, I made THREE garments with welt pockets. THREE! I’ve never done that before. My first pass was decent. My second was awful. My third was much improved. Here, now at the beginning of November, I wouldn’t shy away from any project with welt pockets. Exciting growth!

Here’s the rundown for the month.

Raisa Designs – Valeriya Dress

This was a fun collaboration with a new-to-me Bulgarian designer. I actually wrote a whole post about this dress. You can find it here.

Seamwork Audrey

I have a mountain of Seamwork patterns that I’ve collected over the years and I’m slowly making my way through them. The Audrey is a traditional jean jacket pattern. So classic!

I chose this pattern for some lightweight corduroy that I received from Mily Mae Fabrics. The fabric was truly a bit too lightweight for this pattern, but I had a vision and was determined to make it work. Ever have those moments?? To compensate for the weight, I paired it with a teddy fleece remnant from Girl Charlee. I loved both fabrics so much and was happy to use every scrap to bring my vision to life.

I kept adjusting my details and techniques as I went. Initially, I wanted to do all reverse seams so the fleece would add a sherpa-like detail. I realized too late that I didn’t have enough to make it work. So the sleeves feature the reverse detail, while the rest does not. We’ll call it a creative decision and go with it.

Overall, I absolutely love the look of this jacket. If I were to make it again – and as always, I do plan to – I would add at least 2 inches to the length. The pockets are a bit too high to comfortably accommodate my hands.

And those pockets? My first ever welt pockets. I think they turned out pretty good!

Versatile Basics

Patterns for Pirates (P4P) launched a new fabric company this month, Anchor Fabrics, and I was fortunate enough to work up a couple of basics out of their gorgeous offerings. Unfortunately, the only one that I photographed was this Patterns for Pirates Basic Tee in a soft waffle knit. I’ve already worn it 5 times. Maybe more. It’s so good.

Patterns for Pirates also has a monthly fabric subscription, Fabric for Pirates. You never know what you’re going to get! This month was a shipment of peached jersey knit in a bottom-weight. I made the P4P SOS Pants because pants that fit like leggings are exactly what my fall wardrobe needed. I’m obsessed with the fit and fabric.

I paired the pants with another Fabric for Pirates cut from a few months ago. It is a gorgeous sparkly sweater knit – the perfect base for an Amber Vest from Made for Mermaids. I can layer this vest over everything… dresses, tees, and the perfect white button-up.

Maximum versatility all around!

Atlanta Frocktails

I was so excited to finally attend Atlanta Frocktails and it did not disappoint! I wore a dress that I made earlier this year, the Rosy Dress from Rose Pattern DIY. Because I wasn’t making anything new for myself, I focused on outfitting my man. He is always such a good sport.

I made the Wardrobe By Me Chinos in a gorgeous velveteen from Marcy Tilton Fabrics. I really splurged on this fabric. It would have been much cheaper to buy him a pair of pants, but we don’t sew for the savings, do we? I was so afraid to cut into this fabric, especially to make my FIRST pair of men’s trousers. I decided to go all in on a toile, using some less expensive fabric that I purchased at Fine Fabrics Atlanta. I ran out of time to complete the tester pair, but did enough to get an overall fit and run-through on the back welt pockets. The pockets turned out like crap, but it was good practice and I knew how to make them better on the final pair.

That’s what toiles are all about, right?

I wish I’d gotten a pic of his cute backside so you can see the welt pockets. The final result wasn’t too bad!

It was down to the wire, but I completed his pants and he was the best looking man at Atlanta Frocktails! He was actually the only man at Atlanta Frocktails.

I paired his pants with a sweater, made out of Versailles hacci from Surge Fabrics. It’s safe to say that we’re both obsessed with this fabric. It feels as soft as cashmere. I modified the Dylan Tee from Made for Mermaids to have a v-neck, per his preference.

His outfit was a hit and we had the best time at the event!


I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this one… a gorgeous bra and panty set out of the new stretch lace at Surge Fabrics. I used the Fitiyoo Cosmo Bra and the Evie La Luve Esme Panty patterns. Both turned out so beautifully for my first time. I wish I could say that the bra was a perfect fit, but I need to make some adjustments for my next one.

Still, look at that lace!! It’s is such a beautiful set.

And that’s it for October! I have some exciting makes coming for November. I’m thinking about slowing it down and maybe working on some knitting once my plate is clear.

Please share your favorite make from October in the comments below!