Party Ready!

If you’d ever told me that a performance fabric could look this chic, I would have thought, “Yeah. Okay. Not on me…”

But then I met supplex…

If we’re connected on Instagram, then you know 2018 has been a year of firsts for me. And many of those firsts have been sewing-related. I made a bikini… I made activewear… I made underwear… I made outerwear! So many garments that I never even thought about making before. All inspired by the fabrics that I’ve found at Phee and the drive to stretch my self-imposed boundaries.

So, when I saw this peacock supplex, I knew I had to cut into it! So often, when you work with knits, you wrestle with the texture of the fabric fighting against you. It can be too stretchy. It can be slippery. It can be too thin. It can have poor recovery.

Not supplex.

This dreamy fabric is heavy enough to make any garment – pants, dresses, jackets… even sports bras! I went for a pattern that has been in my collection for some time, the Wiggle Dress by Patterns for Pirates.

All-in-all, this dress came together beautifully. The supplex was a dream to cut and sew. I struggled a bit with the zipper and ultimately wound up hand-sewing it in. That additional effort took this very form-fitting dress from looking cheap to chic.

I tend to be very self-conscious and I was very worried about showing off the ten pounds that I’ve gained this year! But, I have to say that I feel pretty sexy in this dress!

The supplex has a great compression factor and helps to smooth out some of the areas that I was most concerned about. Whether or not I actually find the confidence to make it out of the house is another matter.

But should the occasion arise this holiday season, I am party ready!