Another Handmade Christmas

This is a collaborative post and contains links to outside websites.

I’m still giggling over all of the posts this week about throwing up the Christmas tree now that Halloween is behind us. I absolutely love knowing that so many people – including my husband – are completely infected with the Christmas spirit.

I am not one of those people. Having said that, I’m not a Scrooge… I don’t dislike the holidays. I just feel the weight of the over-commercialization of this time of year. It troubles me. I intentionally try to keep my focus on what the season is all about. And while I do love gift giving, I feel like the real gift is the time you spend focusing on each person you love, even while deciding on a “perfect” gift.

That’s one reason that I love gifting handmade items. Once I decide on what to make, I concentrate on the recipient during the creative process. I remember times together, jokes, smiles… and I imagine how they may feel when they receive their gift. THAT puts me in the holiday mood.

If you need ideas, here are a few handmade gifts that I’ve created in the past:

And here are a few more ideas:

Personalized Mug

You and your kids can make a personalized mug for a loved one this Christmas. All you need is a white mug, some acrylic paint, and a paintbrush. Let your kids get creative with the design, and then bake the mug in the oven to set the paint.

You can also have fun with Sharpies markers. I created personalized mugs with a few girlfriends several years ago and we had a great time decorating with Sharpies. You still need to bake in the oven to set the ink.

Photo Frame

Another great idea is to create a photo frame as a thoughtful and sentimental gift for friends or family. You can either buy a plain frame and decorate it with your kids or get creative and make your own unique frame from recycled materials. Once you have decorated the frame however you like, add a special photo of your loved ones and seal it off with some craft glue. Whether you choose to decorate the frame with bright colors and glitter or keep it simple, this is sure to be a gift that anyone will appreciate and cherish! 

My youngest son did something like this for his stepdad last year because he wanted him to have a funny framed picture for his office. We laughed our butts off during his little photoshoot in front of the Christmas tree. My husband loved the gift and we created a memory that we’ll never forget!

Homemade Sweets

Who doesn’t love homemade sweets? You and your kids can make Christmas cookies, fudge, or candy together. Once you’ve made the sweets, package them up in cellophane bags and tie them with a ribbon.

We love to gift homemade marshmallows. Not only are they beautiful, they are so much more delicious than the store bought kind!

Personalized Keychain

Keychains always make a great gift because we carry them with us everywhere. Whether you opt for keychain blanks from your local craft store or work with polymer clay, this simple project will surely get your kids excited about gift-giving.

And if you’re looking for an extra special touch, why not experiment with shrinky dink paper? Regardless of which materials you choose, the possibilities for fun and personal DIY gifts are endless when you do it yourself with the help of your children. 

You know how I feel about Shrinky Dinks… obsessed. I love to make unique jewelry out of them. Check out these fun pinwheel necklaces.

Plantable Paper

Want to give something that is both meaningful, eco-friendly, and truly unique, why not try DIY plantable paper? This simple yet innovative material combines recycled paper with organic seeds. Once you’ve created your own plantable paper, the possibilities are endless! You can cut it into any shape or size you like and use it to write holiday greetings or festive messages on. And when your recipients plant the paper, they’ll be able to watch their messages grow – making for a truly thoughtful and interactive gift.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are always a popular gift and are surprisingly easy to make at home. You will need candle wax, wicks, essential oils, and mason jars (or other containers). Melt the wax in a double boiler, add the essential oils, then pour it into the jars and let it cool completely before trimming the wicks.

Not only is this a great gift, you can feel better about burning candles that do not contain toxic chemicals.

Macrame Craft

There are many different kinds of Macrame projects that you and your kids can DIY together. Here are a few ideas:

1. Macrame Wall Hanging

This beautiful wall hanging is a great way to add a touch of handmade charm to your home this holiday season. It’s also a great project to do with your kids, as it’s simple enough for even the youngest crafters to make. All you’ll need is some single strand macrame cotton cords, a dowel, and some basic macrame knots.

2. Macrame Plant Hanger

This project is perfect for anyone who loves plants and crafting with their kids. It’s a simple project that can be made in an afternoon, and it’s sure to brighten up any room in your home. To do this project, you’ll need some yarn, a pot, and some basic macrame knots.

3. Macrame Ornament

These beautiful ornaments are a great way to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. They’re also fun to do with your kids, as they can help you knot the yarn and decorate the finished ornament however they like. To do this project, you’ll need some string, a styrofoam ball, and basic macrame knots.

4. Bracelets

We love creating macrame bracelets, as much as everyone loves wearing them! They also make great party favors.

These easy and fun DIY holiday gifts are the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care while spending quality time with your kids. Make this holiday season about creating memories, crafting tokens of appreciation, and reflecting on loved ones. Both you and your recipients will be overflowing with holiday spirit!