I couldn’t wait another minute! My studio has been completely dismantled so I set up camp in the dining room.

I just had to sew!

Rather than picking up one of my outstanding projects, I decided to tackle a “Very Easy” Vogue pattern that my sweet friend sent me for my birthday.

Vogue and Very Easy… that’s an oxymoron, right?


I’ve been holding on to the perfect fabric. A lovely crepe de chine in a coral and neutral tribal print.

I absolutely love, love, love the way it turned out!
The only major change I made was omitting the pockets. This is such a light, sheer-ish fabric and I just didn’t think they were necessary.
So, was it easy? Well, fairly easy… I struggled with the slippery fabric more than anything. The neckline gave me some trouble.
Necklines are always my Kryptonite. 
And darts. Lawd, I hate darts…
I would say the weirdest part about this pattern is the back of the skirt. It is in two pieces with a center seam. I just think that’s a bit unnecessary. There is no functional reason that it should be cut into two pieces. One piece cut on the fold would have worked perfectly. 
Maybe Vogue was concerned about fabric conservation?
I used a French seam down the back of the skirt because of the high-low hem. I didn’t want a serger seam shining through. The French seam gives it a nice polished finish.

Easy, breezy, cute, and very me!

I have lots of house updates to share with you this weekend. The sun is shining, the temps are warm, and we’re finding ourselves more “at home” everyday.

Sending love and hugs! Have a happy Thursday!