Bringing Back the Bodysuit

Confession time…

My guilty pleasure is 90’s alt/grunge music. I know it’s mostly angst-filled, immature, and largely out-of-tune, but it is totally my jam!!

So, when my sweet guy texted me to ask if I’d like to go to a Bush + Live concert, those giddy, teenage girly butterflies filled my stomach and I turned the music up a little bit louder!!

Naturally, I’ve been thinking about what to wear. What does a middle-aged-woman-who-wants-to-relive-her-glory-days-without-being-inapproropriate wear to a high-octane concert??

Thank goodness that Made For Mermaids totally had me in mind when they released the Clueless Collection last fall. I’m sure it’s because they knew I would need a retro-tastic bodysuit, right?

As always, the Women’s Tai is a bodysuit pattern loaded with sleeve and neckline options. You can even make a top if the bodysuit doesn’t appeal to you.

I’ve made a couple of bodysuits in the past year and I still can’t seem to get the snaps quite right. However, the Women’s Tai is the perfect bodysuit pattern! You just step in, pull it up, and go. No snaps required!

This pattern comes together very quickly and would be a great primer for anyone who might be scared to make lingerie or swimwear. All-in-all, it took me about 1 ½ hours to make… but I’m slow and easily distracted.

I used a perfect camo tri-blend from Surge Fabrics and finished the leg openings with a picot elastic trim, also from Surge. You could just as easily use regular knit elastic or even use a band to finish the legs. I’m sure I’ll make another and will likely experiment with leg bands next time. I’m interested to see how different it feels during wear.

This pretty will get a lot of use this summer! The best thing about modern fashion is that anything goes, really. While this bodysuit is 90’s-inspired, it is completely on-trend today.

And now… I’m ready to rock… at an outdoor concert… in the July heat!