Brady Bunch Living: Guest Bathroom Update

Between the two of us, my husband and I have a lot of kids. Three boys and three girls. And while they don’t all live at home, we need to have a home that makes everyone feel comfortable. So we’ve been making small changes to accommodate everyone – before embarking on a major basement renovation project.

First up, the guest bathroom.

My husband will readily agree that there was no style assigned to this bathroom before (so I’m not hurting his feelings by saying so).

So, my mom and I decided to plow forward with painting a few weekends ago, using a color that accents a few walls in the house already.

I’ll be honest, I was scared when we started covering the walls in this color. It looked sooooo dark. I started having visions of a cave that everyone would avoid going into. But we carried on…

Once we had all of the trim work done, I still wasn’t convinced it wasn’t too dark.

It took loading in all of the accessories to convince me – and I am now so pleased with the result!

I found the shower curtain, rug, and shelving on Amazon. The shelves actually came from a small business maker.

The artwork featured on the walls came from an artist we met in New Orleans on one of our adventures. I absolutely love the little pops of color that they feature.

The glass art on the shelves came from a local maker in central Georgia. We always gravitate towards rainbows so it was the perfect reflection of our personality!

We found the towels on clearance at Kohls. I couldn’t believe how perfectly the stripes tied in to the rug!

Not including our artwork, we spent about $300 to update this bathroom. While we didn’t make any big changes with fixtures, I think we brought a lot of style into this small space with minimal investment!

Now on to the next project…