If you’ve ever moved to a new place, you know how hard it is to find solid friends.

I’ve been incredibly blessed over the past 2 1/2 years. Since moving to Pennsylvania, I’ve been wrapped in support and kindness from all sides – neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances… I’ve been overwhelmed by warmth and acceptance.

So, let me introduce you to two ladies who now occupy a very special place in my heart – Cristy and Missie. These ladies have made it their personal mission to make me feel like family. They are now my sisters. They embody all of the characteristics that you could use to describe the “perfect friend.”

Cristy was one of the first people I met when I moved here. She has done an amazing job of pushing me out of the house and forcing me into social settings. That’s a tremendous feat for this introvert! She asks for as much as she gives (which is, in my opinion, THE hallmark of true friendship). She also introduced me to knitting, which has had a powerful effect on my overall well-being.

Extra bonus: our hubbies hit it off, too, and our little guys are like brothers.

Missie is one of the most positive, inspirational women that I’ve ever known. She has faced incredible hardship due to chronic illness over the past year and a half. Her body has betrayed her in every way. She lives in pain—yet, she never complains. She remains upbeat and chooses to focus on care and concern for others, rather than herself. I will forever think of Missie when I’m compelled to complain about trivial issues.

Needless to say, it’s going to be really, really, really hard to leave these amazing women behind! I’m constantly brainstorming ways to take them with me.

In a silly moment, I declared, “We should get matching tattoos before I leave. We’ll be bonded forever!” Before I even had time to process my own idea, Cristy had already made appointments for the three of us.

So, I spent the next two weeks hyperventilating at the very thought of getting this tattoo. I didn’t have any tattoos… neither did Missie… Cristy, well, let’s just say she has her fair share.


I’m 37 years old! I decided if I was getting a tattoo, it had to be meaningful and original so I worked up a concept for the 3 of us and the artist tweaked it.

Tattoo Day came and I awoke thinking of this video:

Needless to say, the girls made me go first. Here’s how it all happened.

One week later, I’m getting used to my permanent addition. I was in shock for a few days. Not necessarily a bad feeling, but I had to work through all of my emotions. Truthfully, it was an awesome experience – one that I’ve always wanted to have. I’m so grateful that I got to experience it with two women who mean so much to me.

k3tog… knit 3 together… It’s heartwarming to know that we’re forever linked in our own creative way.