My oldest son had to tag along to work with me on Friday.

Poor guy…

I sent him out for a walk and he promptly returned carrying a four leaf clover that he found.

He was so excited! He spent the rest of the afternoon telling everyone about it and dreaming of the many things he might wish for.

Even though this clover has seen better days, my son still wanted to preserve it. We decided to create a charm for his backpack. A “lucky charm.”

I pulled out a few trusty supplies… a 1.5″ glass dome, cardstock, bails, lobster clasp, findings… We added a penny for a little extra “luck.”

To seal the clover behind the glass, I  followed the same procedure outlined for my Happy Magnets. Check out that post for full instructions (and another fun project!).

After patiently waiting for it all to dry, we were anxious to put it all together and…


Imagine how cute this would be with a GREEN four leaf clover!

As always, the best part about this project was collaborating with my son. I’m constantly challenging him to think creatively about materials.

I could be shaping a creative genius or manic hoarder.

He’s actually been taking weekly art classes with a local arts alliance and he’s been so inspired. He’s learning to weave with plastic bags… printmaking with Styrofoam plates… the importance of daydreaming for the creative process…

Here’s one of his printmaking projects. His house is the one in the immediate foreground, followed by his classmates’ additions. I just love this!

What thrills my heart the most are the conversations we have after class. He is always so proud to learn new skills and discover new talent.

“Mommy, art class is awesome!”

I wholeheartedly agree.