Poncho Mashup

My obsession with The Walking Dead is a mystery to me.

I hate gore… I hate soap operas… TWD is a gory soap opera. Yet, I LOVE it. It makes me want to cry, cheer, and throw up at the same time, kind of like a roller coaster.

I mourn for weeks after each season is over. Seriously. As though a gaping hole has been left in my heart.

Clearly, I have a problem.

My obsession with this Lilly Pulitzer wrap/poncho, however, is no mystery to me.

It’s gorgeous! And, totally DIY-able!

{minus the whole “cashmere” thing because I’m not about to DIY anything out of cashmere}

So, here’s where resort wear meets The Walking Dead… a “mashup” of sorts…

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll probably pick up on where I’m going with this right away. If not, hang in there with me for the grand reveal.

I’ve been hanging on to some soft woven fabric that I picked up a while ago. I thought it would become a cute mini skirt, but then inspiration struck. It would be perfect for this project!

I knew that I wouldn’t have enough of the Aztec print so I purchased some soft black suiting fabric to add a band around the bottom.

I also found these amazing buffalo nickel buttons. How perfect are they?!

Setting to work, I sketched my plans…

My version isn’t exactly like the Lilly. Let’s face it—Lilly would never make a “poncho.” And, I love details so I added buttons on both sides.

Here’s how I figured my measurements…

Elbow to shoulder = 15″ (x 2)
Shoulder to shoulder = 15″
Total of 45″ + 2″ (for my 1″ hem)

Shoulder to mid-thigh = 31″ + 2″ (for my 1″ hem)

There is nothing firm about these measurements. If you are inspired to make one for yourself, you’ll want to tailor it for your body.

I cut two panels – one for the front and one for the back – adding a black band to complete my measurement requirements.

I serged all of my edges and sewed a 1″ hem on all sides, sewing close to the serged edge of the fabric.

To mark for my 10 buttons, I pinned in intervals of 3″ from each end of the width on the back panel – five on each side.

Lining up the panels, I then marked for my button holes on the front.

I buttoned the sides together and… voila!

Cute with boots, leggings, skirts, and jeans… great for any occasion… cozy and oh-so-comfortable…

I’m a happy girl.

Now, back to The Walking Dead.

As I was sewing, I felt like this pattern was familiar. In a flash, I remembered this:

Oh, Daryl Dixon. Look at you. Our ponchos were meant to be together.

Now, off to find my crossbow…