I knew this day would come eventually.

The day my son would come home with his first… science project.

As I read the assignment, the cold sweat and mild anxiety attack may have given my true feelings away. My first thought was to schedule a meeting to gain deeper insight into his teacher’s methods and desired outcomes. What if we misinterpreted the assignment?!

{Can you tell that I’ve recently graduated with my M.Ed?}

But… this is the third grade. And, the written assignment did say a poster was appropriate.

{Okay. Let’s do this.}

Despite all of the worry, my son and I had the best time working on this! We researched together. We shopped for supplies together. I taught him painting techniques and how to use Adobe InDesign.

And, our end result was fantastic!

Hmmm… one might say, “Out of this world!”

Sorry, couldn’t help throwing in the bad pun…

My Silhouette came in handy for this project, too. We made the labels from silver adhesive vinyl.
I’m still a teensy bit anxious about him turning this in—just as though I was back in school myself! I know his assignments will only get tougher as he gets older.


Let’s hope they are all as much fun as this one was!