Suddenly, there was an explosion from the left side of the room! Fabric, pins, and thread were sent flying through the air.

The creature began to destroy everything in sight. None were safe from its tirade of epic proportions.

What happened?! What awoke the sleeping monster and provoked such a reaction?!

Bias tape + a neckline.


Okay. I’ll confess. I’m the brat who let a neckline get the better of me.

Welcome to “Fast and Easy” Butterick 5355.

I was delighted to open this envelope and discover that there were only 4 pattern pieces required to complete this breezy top!

I’ve had two yards of a gorgeous chevron crepe de chine on standby for a few months, just waiting to be used for this project.

I’m not usually a chevron-kind-of-gal, but I loved the bold colors and the diagonal orientation of the chevron bars. Cute, cute!

After my last project with crepe de chine, I was apprehensive about getting started. However, all came together beautifully.

I used french seams to finish the edges because of the open, flowy arms. I think it has a more polished look versus a serged seam.

There were no problems at all, really… until I hit the neckline.

I knew I needed to make my own binding. There were no pre-packaged options that would have looked right with this fabric. So, I spent nearly an hour, cutting, folding, and pressing my own bias tape.

{Well, there went the “Fast!”}

Because of the “easy” nature of this pattern, the included instructions indicated that the 1/4″ binding be pinned to the neckline and stitched together through all thicknesses.

Well, it looked just awful. The fabric kept slipping… my seams weren’t straight… and, the more I tried to correct my issues, the worse the fabric looked! I lost the fight and decided to give up all together.

I mean, totally give up. Sewing. Crafting. Blogging. Forever! I was done! I didn’t need this stress in my life!

Aye-yi-yi… such a brat!

Two weeks later, my husband convinced me to pick it back up and finish it. Knowing I would have the same trouble, I decided to hand-sew the binding on.

It took forever, but the result was worth it. It looks so polished!

I’m so ashamed of my behavior and the fact that I let this “Fast and Easy” top get the better of me! I know that my frustration was actually a culmination of other stresses affecting my temperament. After a good cry and a nice break, I’m inspired and getting back to the business of creating.

Geez… I hope I’m not the only one who cries over the sewing machine…