GreenstyleCreations Sundance Jacket

What better way to round out this year of sewing firsts than with one of my most challenging makes-to-date… the GreenStyleCreations Sundance jacket.

I lead a very physically active life and this garment fits in perfectly, whether I’m pounding the pavement on a chilly morning or running errands around town. It is a very chic addition to my activewear wardrobe!
I used Polartec Powerstretch and supplex in peacock blue from Phee Fabrics. Both were fabulous fabrics to work with… high quality and very easy to sew.

I was incredibly intimidated to get started on this jacket. Primarily due to the zippers. They honestly are the bane of my sewing existence. I really, really had no interest in tackling THREE in one project.
But I did it! And quite successfully, I think.

I mean, they all work…
Another daunting factor was the number of pattern pieces to assemble. But I took the same approach as eating an elephant… one bite at a time. And, eventually, it all came together!
My favorite features are the overall fit and the yoke details. They are all so flattering! There is absolutely nothing frumpy about the fit of this activewear.

All-in-all, this wasn’t a difficult project. I would absolutely make another one. I would advise anyone to make a muslin for this jacket, simply to have a better understanding of how to execute each step. 
My jacket isn’t perfect, but it’s a pretty darn good first attempt. And I will wear it all season long.

Grab all of the Polartec your heart desires while it’s on sale at Phee Fabrics. It is so soft and snuggly warm! There are weights and textures to meet all of your cold weather needs.
If you’ve made the Sundance, please share your pics in the comments below. I’d love to see your personal interpretation!

Happy Thanksgiving!