Like the genre of this blog, I’ve always considered myself a work in progress. Never satisfied my current state. Be kinder. More attentive. Less distracted. Healthier…

My health has declined in unexpected ways over the past few years. Nothing life threatening, but in ways that have affected my outlook and spirit. The doctors blame it all on stress.


Well, that’s not going away anytime soon so… what’s a gal to do?

I decided last summer that I really, really needed to start taking better care of my body. Garbage in, garbage out. Laziness yields more laziness. I could go on forever.

I thought I was watching what I ate. I joined a gym. I began **trying** to run a few times a week. We’d head down to our neighborhood track. I’d run a lap, then walk a lap, run, then walk. It was pretty monotonous and I felt like I was just as lethargic as ever. I just wasn’t getting anywhere.

(Running is an important part of this story, but I’ll return to that in a following post.)

In January, I was introduced by a small, targeted Instagram post to Fit Girls Guide. I didn’t know that in that moment, my life would change. I spent some time exploring the online Fit Girls community and I was so inspired. I felt so hopeful that real health change could happen in my own life.

I took the $20 plunge and downloaded their 28-Day Jumpstart book and prepared to join in the next group challenge. But I really had no high expectations.

Before I tell you more about this amazing, life-changing plan, let me be clear – I am not selling anything… I have absolutely nothing to gain from sharing this story. I am not affiliated with Fit Girls Guide at all.

I am simply a girl who has come face-to-face with her rock bottom and has finally taken control of her health. I’m inspired!! I’m healthy!! And, I hope that the right person reads this and leaves inspired, too.

Here was my monthly progress over the course of five months:

The 28-Day Jumpstart is a guide, delivered as an e-book, that lays out an entire eating and exercise plan for four weeks. Fit Girls Guide encourages its participants to start each 28-day challenge with the international community that they have cultivated via Instagram. This helps to provide daily support from among other women (and men) who are going through this shared experience. It’s actually more effective and inspirational than you could imagine.

The plan is easy. It’s fun. It’s silly. Obviously, it’s rewarding. The hardest part is mustering your personal commitment to see it through. You definitely get out of it what you put in.

I knew I could stick to any personal commitment for 28 days. Beyond that, I was unsure.

That was 205 days ago. And, I’m still feelin’ the love.

Beyond the physical transformation, I have a mental clarity that had been missing for some time. My relationship with food and exercise has changed. Between all of my work and life demands, I’m busier than ever, but the stress has not impacted my well-being.

It’s kinda awesome.

So. I have a few more health-related posts that I’d like to share with you, but – never fear – this will not turn into a health-focused blog. Please bear with me as I fill a few pages with my overflowing enthusiasm.

And, then a return to all things creative. Hopefully a little bit more than you’ve seen from me in the past few months.

Maybe a sprinkle of healthy nuggets here and there… but mostly sewing, knitting, crafting, DIY home projects, etc… promise.

Have a great weekend ahead!!