The paint is going up on the walls. The flooring is planned for later this week. We’ve been shopping for lighting. This is happening, friends. We’re nearly done with this massive project!

Our weekends have been planned around sales and excursions to specialty stores both near and far. In fact, we were up with the birds this morning so that we could hit a sale… and, score!! We picked up the most beautiful cast stone mantle and hearth. Truth be told, I never considered stone until I saw this gorgeous piece just begging to become a part of my living room… and for a fraction of what we had budgeted for.

Don’t you love it when things come together?

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, the room that I’m most excited about is the playroom/sewing room. I love the challenge of coming up with ideas to combine the boys’ playroom decor with girly things that inspire me on my side.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

My couch. I love this couch. It is so me. It resided in the keeping room in our last house. It will now live on my side of the room. I’m going to put it in the middle of the room, facing my side. It will serve as a room divider.

Because the couch is a must-have {as is the lil’ cutie, who is now 6 years old!}, I’ve been using it as my anchor for color and fabric.

The wall color is “Latte.” It’s already up and I love it.

And here’s the perfect fabric that I found for both sides of the room. It goes with my couch and looks playful/masculine enough to outfit the boys’ side of the room.

I plan to incorporate more of the green on their side and more of the robin’s egg blue on mine.
Here’s another piece that is going on the boys’ side.

I worked with a carpenter to design this piece for the nursery in our last house. There is a window in the new room that is the perfect size to accommodate this set. The bench is toy storage and the side pieces can hold games and books. I designed the cushions so they can be used as floor pillows. I think I may incorporate the green into cushion covers.

And, let us not forget the blue jean rug. A true labor of love.

On my wish list for the room.

This desk from IKEA. One end for sewing and one end for cutting. Sort of industrial-looking, which is not really my style, but I think it will work.

I plan to use two of these cubes behind the sofa to serve as a sofa table and storage for the boys’ books and toy baskets.
Also on my project list for the room, tee-pees for the boys! I have this Butterick pattern already in my arsenal:
Any suggestions on the fabric for the tee-pees?
Unfortunately, I can’t purchase the furniture until I have a place to put it. The fabric is on backorder until May 25. So, my first project to attack for this room will be the tee-pees.
But not until I finish what I’m working on right now. Any guesses? It’s totally different than anything I’ve blogged about thus far. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post and find out!
Have a lovely evening and I’ll see you tomorrow!