In December of last year, I had the unique experience of serving as an extra in a zombie-flick, called “Followed.” It’s not your stereo-typical zombie movie. These zombies aren’t crazy flesh-eaters. They are actually victims of social injustice.
Take a moment to read the short story here. It’s only 7 pages long, but it has a loud message. It will give you chills!
So… I get to see the film tonight and I’m really excited! It’s playing in a local movie theater. The stars of the movie will be there for a Q & A session afterwards. It has already started the festival circuit and is quickly gaining momentum and positive attention from critics.
Here’s the movie trailer:
And here’s one of the first scenes:
Here I am with my zombie follower…
And in the political rally…
Can’t wait to tell you all about the movie! {Minus spoilers, of course!