I feel like I’m snowed under – by my own doing.
Look at what I bought this week.
Big sale. Big inspiration.
And here’s a mountain of fabric that I ordered because it was such a steal. Scarf anyone? No, really. I’d like to make one for you.
And then there’s the wreath that I have waiting on me in the corner. I bought this cheery yarn for it this week, as well as, the fabric and accompanying pattern here.
Then there’s the matter of all of these new books that I’ve acquired over the past few months. I haven’t even cracked the spine on most of them!
I’m still too scared to use my new Silhouette. I just don’t know what to do with it now that I have one! I attempted to cut some fabric with it earlier in the week.
{“Attempted” being the key word.}
Disaster. So… I’ll just keep staring at the machine until someone gives me marching orders. Anyone?
I occasionally do this – allow myself to get ahead of, well, myself. Then, I don’t know where to begin.
I did manage to wrap my wreath form today and I’m excited to share my concept with you tomorrow. I think it will be a fun project!
I plan to finish the wreath and I’d like to work through some of the scarf fabric this week.
How do you manage all of the projects on your list? Share your best advice with me, please! On Wednesday, I’ll select someone at random from your comments to receive a ruffled scarf.
Here’s to a week of productivity and inspiration!!